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What Is The Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Fatigue Strength

Professionals are often heard to discuss the fatigue strength of stainless steel welded pipe, it can withstand the maximum fatigue strength calculation, these knowledge about stainless steel industrial pipe you want to know? Small make up today to explain to you:
Stainless steel welded pipe fatigue strength is refers to the high temperature fatigue refers to material at high temperature by the action of cycle changing stress damage and fracture process. On the research results show that under a high temperature, 8 of 10 times the exponential high temperature fatigue strength is half of the high temperature tensile strength of the temperatures. Thermal fatigue refers to the heated (inflation) and the process of cooling (contraction), when the temperature changed from external binding, and in the interior of the material corresponding to its own expansion and contraction deformation stress, and result in damage of materials. When repeated heating and cooling rapidly with its stress on impact, produced by the stress compared with usual bigger, some material is brittle failure at this time. This phenomenon is called "Zhi impact. Thermal fatigue and thermal shock is has similarities to the phenomenon, but the former is mainly associated with large plastic strain, and the destruction of the latter is mainly brittle failure.
Stainless steel welded pipe composition and heat treatment conditions on the high temperature fatigue strength. Especially when the carbon content increases obviously improve the high temperature fatigue strength, the solid solution heat treatment temperature has significant influence. In general iron grain size stainless steel has a good thermal fatigue performance. In austenitic stainless steel, high silicon and at high temperature has good extensibility of the brand has a good thermal fatigue performance. The smaller thermal expansion coefficient and under the same thermal cycle is dependent variable is smaller, the smaller the deformation resistance and fracture strength is higher, the longer life. Can say markov shape stainless steel 1 cr17 fatigue life expectancy, and 0 cr19ni9, 0 cr23ni13 and 2 cr25ni20 austenite size stainless steel fatigue life of the shortest. Other casting the forgings are more likely to occur due to thermal fatigue damage. At room temperature, 7 to 10 times the exponential fatigue strength is half of the tensile strength. Compared with fatigue strength under high temperature, high temperature from room temperature to the temperature range of fatigue strength is not too big difference.

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