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Welded Pipe Stainless Steel Industry Supply And Demand Balance Of Three Steps

The adjustment of economic structure is still the government's work points, this policy orientation is conducive to the long-term development of economy, but economic structural adjustment is not can to end, to some extent, it is a moment in space, and policy makers with the structure adjustment policy after reflection, downward pressure on increasingly alert to the cause of economy. Stainless steel pipe industry should be attributed to industrial structure adjustment and promotion category, the main points of the stainless steel welded pipe excess capacity is smooth clearing, as well as the supply and demand of the fast progress in rebalancing the resolution steel price whether real bottom.
Stainless steel welded pipe industry supply and demand to balance the general requirements need to experience the three process.
1, the company automatically to inventory. Industrial chain can survive the weakest traders in the stainless steel welded pipe price have presented significant clearing inventory, stainless steel pipe fell sharply the inventory. However, stainless steel pipe production company inventories remain high. According to statistical data, cisa in early December, at the end of the key points of stainless steel tube company inventory of 14.709 million tons, compared with the previous one XunMo add 395000 tons, adding 2.76% month-on-month.
2, the company to production. In addition, in accordance with the guidelines for screening existing backward production capacity, fixed asset investment growth decline means that new capacity will have been raging in the future.
3, stainless steel welded pipe of supply and demand balance again. Stainless steel pipe industry's crude steel production year-on-year growth is still significant to add, the primary reason is that in the upstream of iron ore prices fall sharply conditions, steel mills surplus can rise significantly, starts adhere to high level. In the downstream weak demand conditions for strong to the weak opposition remains.

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