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Stainless Steel Pipe Welding Classification And Advantages And Disadvantages

Stainless steel welded pipe is by no rust corrosion protection measures of welded steel pipe, seamless steel tube to a certain process of hot dip galvanized, make its outer layer of the tu alloy galvanized, have no rust after processing of steel pipe for a long time, so why stainless steel industrial pipe preheating treatment? To you on today:
Stainless steel industrial pipe preheating treatment goal is to eliminate the ingot casting and forging inhomogeneity caused by the organization, improve the carbide morphology and distribution features of the necessary original organization good preparation for the final heat treatment. In the cold milk, if bad carbide particle size is too large, form, or segregation is serious, will cause the matrix structure and hardness after heat treatment of uneven, lead to roll working layer are at increased risk for peeling and reduce the thermal shock resistance of cold roll.
In order to further improve the uniformity of the organization, improve the carbide morphology and distribution feature, to roll the final heat treatment necessary original organization prepare rod billet took a preliminary heat treatment after forging, ten conditioning process mainly USES the spheroidizing annealing process. With stainless steel industrial pipe pretreatment, the uniformity of roll blank group got improved.

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