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Really Won't Rust Stainless Steel Welded Pipe

Stainless steel welded pipe can not rusting, because it contains chromium. Often the chromium content must meet 13 ~ 25% (weight ratio), to change the situation of steel surface oxidation. If we just cut a piece of stainless steel plate in the water, less than a second surface will immediately form a layer of chromium oxide, the oxide layer may reduce the oxidation rate of at least ten thousand times more iron and steel, with the rate calculation, to corrosion of a centimeter thick steel plate must be at least one million years.
But stainless steel welded pipe is not really will not rust, if using a microscope, the surface of it actually has a lot of small rust. Look again carefully, these spots contain sulfur, and the presence of elemental sulfur is inevitable in the process of manufacture of steel. When the stainless steel exposed to air situation is good, but once in water will soon be rusty. At this point you can join trace amounts of molybdenum, just like stainless steel price is much higher.
Stainless steel welded pipe have the trace manganese sulfide began to rust, but how do they begin?
A recent study found that the original is not such things as the sulfur atoms into sulfuric acid in water lead to corrosion, but in the process of stainless steel manufacturing, cooling, the chromium steel move to some places, partly replace of manganese in manganese sulfide, and chromium content lower near there. And when the content of chromium is lower than 13%, the stainless steel welded pipe will be rusted.

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