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Hot Bend Forming Process

Hot push bend forming technology is to use special elbow push system core machine, mold and heating device, to set on the mould of billet in pushing forward movement, under the impetus of the machine in motion is heated and hole enlargement and forming process. Hot push bend deformation characteristics are based on volume before and after plastic deformation rule of metal materials determine the pipe diameter, pipe diameter bend diameter, through the core module and control the deformation of the process, make the inner arc compressed metal flow, the compensation to other parts of the thinned by hole diameter, wall thickness uniform Angle is obtained.
Hot push bend forming technology has a good appearance, uniform wall thickness and continuous operation, suitable for the characteristics of mass production, thus become the main forming methods of carbon steel, alloy steel elbow, and also the application in some of the specifications of the stainless steel elbow forming.
Forming process of the heating mode with intermediate frequency or high frequency induction heating (heating can be multiple times or lap), flame heating and reverberatory furnace heating, adopt what kind of heating mode according to the condition of forming product requirements and energy.

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