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Copper Nickel Alloy Application In Production

Nickel copper alloy condenser pipe is   mainly used for thermal power, nuclear power, shipbuilding, water desalination   industry and ocean engineering five industries. In nuclear power and thermal   power industry, nickel copper alloy condenser pipe instead of titanium tube and   the challenge of the stainless steel tube; But in the shipbuilding, sea water   desalination industry and Marine engineering, nickel copper alloy condenser pipe   remains a huge potential applications, is an alternative:
Condenser pipe is one of the important   material of power industry power generation equipment, in recent years as the   country to expand domestic demand, strengthen infrastructure construction,   stimulating economic growth, such as policy, the implementation of the   production and construction of the power industry and stable development. The   dosage of the condenser pipe increased rapidly with the increase in the capacity   of power generation equipment, and with the increase of the large capacity   generator, condenser pipe to big length, high quality and long life direction.
Nickel copper alloy condenser pipe in the   shipbuilding industry application Domestic shipbuilding industry is   concentrated in the east China, central China and abroad are mainly concentrated   in South Korea, Japan and other countries. Domestic shipbuilding industry in   2003 to about 8000 tons of copper and nickel alloy tube/year. South Korea is the   first shipbuilding powers, in need of about 3000 tons of copper and nickel alloy   tube, need to import large amounts of copper and nickel alloy pipe every year.   In ship industry, condenser pipe is mainly used for cooling equipment, which is   an important part of ship sea water cooling system. According to the cooling   medium is different, divided into sea water condenser, water desalination   cooler, air cooler, oil cooler, oil cooler and the hydraulic oil cooler. Ships   alloy condenser pipe mainly include BFe30, BFe10-1-1-1 - and 1, HA177 HSn70-1-1,   the earliest tin brass HSn70-1 corrosion is the main way of dezincification   corrosion. By adding the arsenic, formed the HSn70-1 a, condenser pipe's quality   of life and have greatly improved. Developed in the 1990 s to add boron HSn70-1   b, Mn, Ni, and trace rare earth elements cerium HSn70-1 ab, intensity, and   further improve the corrosion resistance, but dezincification of brass tube   corrosion and stress corrosion are than with nickel alloy, limits its   application in ship. At present, the ship condenser pipe materials mainly adopts   BFe30 and BF10-1-1-1-1. According to the report, the world's first   nuclear-powered ship, with 30 tons of copper and nickel alloy condenser pipe. Compared with titanium, stainless steel   materials
Titanium, titanium instead of copper   nickel alloy condenser do ships may be the future research direction. Research   data show that the velocity in the sea, with a high resistance to seawater   corrosion material are stainless steel, copper and nickel alloy and monel alloy.   Monel alloy is too expensive, the value is not high. Copper and nickel alloy   material is commonly used materials to make water piping, but copper and nickel   alloy material life is limited, need to be replaced periodically. Compared with  other materials of condenser pipe, titanium from corrosion in all concentrations  of sulfide, in sea water containing sulfide pollution has good corrosion   resistance.
Titanium water at the same time, speed up   to 20 m/s and sand content under the condition of up to 40 g/L, have excellent   corrosion resistance performance. Titanium heat conduction performance is   poorer, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of titanium condenser pipe of   BFe30-1-1 of about 58.34%, but by the method of using thin-wall titanium tube   such as Φ 16.0 * 0.75 mm total heat transfer coefficient of the titanium pipe is   about BFe30-1-1 96.3% of copper and nickel alloy pipe. Titanium condenser pipe   compared with condenser pipe BFe30-1-1, the proportion of reduced nearly 1/2.   But titanium production and processing is difficult, production is low, the  price is expensive, compared with copper and nickel pipe is not an advantage in  price. Stainless steel material: stainless steel   is difficult to become the main material of condenser, before the development of   duplex stainless steel pole seawater corrosion, the corrosion rate and corrosion   rate is better than that of BFe10-1-1, but the coefficient of thermal conductivity of stainless steel about 38% of the BFe10-1-1, at the same time   also need to solve the problem of prevent biofouling, so the copper and nickel   alloy condenser as ships first choice material status at that time is hard to   shake.
Nickel copper alloy condenser pipe application in seawater desalination and ocean engineering
In the desalination industry:   desalination in freshwater resources increasingly tense situation appears more   important. Desalination mainly divided into two kinds, the reverse osmosis   membrane and distillation of nickel and copper alloy condenser pipe is mainly   used for distillation desalination project. In the multi-stage flash   desalination device, copper nickel alloy condenser pipe is the key material.   After salt water heater, recycling evaporator in choose BFe10-1-1 alloy tube,   more typical specifications have Φ 16 * 0.9 mm, tube plate and alloy BFe10-1-1. Our country is a large country with a   severe water shortages, especially in coastal cities are faced with the threat   of a shortage of fresh water, long-term residents rely on the acquisition of   groundwater supply production and living, yes the surface subsidence, the water   dried up, including Shanghai, tianjin, dalian and qinhuangdao, etc. The most   typical. At present, the seawater desalination has become a hot industry, coastal cities such as tianjin, dalian have some desalination plants under   construction, seawater desalination equipment requires a lot of condenser pipe,   the market potential is tremendous.
In ocean engineering:
Ocean engineering refers to the Marine   facilities, in addition to the ships are mainly water desalination, salt   production, mariculture, offshore drilling, and the coastal power plant, etc.   Desalination as an important component of the above has been done. Now on the   sea salt production, mariculture, offshore drilling, and introduce a coastal   power plant. Sea salt water heater used in the production of steel tube, life   only 3-5 years, because of the heating pipe leak down frequently, after using   alloy BFe10-1-1 life extension to more than 10 years, specifications are typical   Φ 38 * 2 * 8000 mm. Offshore drilling is extremely important when ocean   engineering, offshore oil field of steel column of mechanical components such as   oil platform, to prevent the corrosion and Marine biological growth is   particularly important in developed countries and even use expensive monel   alloy. Coastal oil refineries in the heater and condenser is also widely used   HA177 and BFe10-1-1-2 alloy alloy.

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