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ASTM A182 F51 WN Flange

ASTM A182 F51 WN Flange

Contact: Lisa Email: lisa @ htpipe . com Skype: htpipelisa Flange Type: WN/welding neck flange;SO/slip on flange; PL /Plate flange;BL/Blind flange; Th/Threaded flange;SW/socket welding flange; LF/SE(lapped flange/stub end);LWN/long welding neck flange; Orifice flange;Reducing flange;API flange;...

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Contact: Lisa


Skype: htpipelisa



Flange Type:  


WN/welding neck flange;SO/slip on flange; 

PL /Plate flange;BL/Blind flange; 

Th/Threaded flange;SW/socket welding flange; 

LF/SE(lapped flange/stub end);LWN/long welding neck flange; 

Orifice flange;Reducing flange;API flange; 

Integral/Compact flange;Spectacle blind, 

Line spade and spacer,Paddle blind,Paddle spacer; 

Orifice plate;Pipe plate,Bleed ring;Plate flange 



ANSI B16.5,ANSI B16.47,ANSI B16.48, ANSI B16.36, MSS SP-44

Size: 1/2''~60'' 

Class Rating: 150~2500 

Facing: RF(raised face);FF(flat face);RTJ(ring type joint);RJ(ring joint face) 

TG(tongue and groove face);MFM(male and female face) 

Manufacturing process: Push, Press, Forge, Cast, etc. 




Carbon steel:

ASTM A105;  

ASTM A266 GR.1,GR.2,GR.3,GR.4 


Stainless steel: 

304/SUS304/UNS S30400/1.4301

304L/UNS S30403/1.4306;

304H/UNS S30409/1.4948;

309S/UNS S30908/1.4833

309H/UNS S30909;

310S/UNS S31008/1.4845;

310H/UNS S31009;

316/UNS S31600/1.4401;

316Ti/UNS S31635/1.4571;

316H/UNS S31609/1.4436;

316L/UNS S31603/1.4404;

316LN/UNS S31653;

317/UNS S31700;

317L/UNS S31703/1.4438;

321/UNS S32100/1.4541;

321H/UNS S32109;

347/UNS S34700/1.4550;

347H/UNS S34709/1.4912;

348/UNS S34800;


Alloy steel: 

ASTM A694 F42/F46/F48/F50/F52/F56/F60/F65/F70;

ASTM A182 F5a/F5/F9/F11/F12/F22/F91;

ASTM A350 LF1/LF2/LF3;


Duplex steel:

ASTM A182 F51 S31803 1.4462;

ASTM A182 F53 S2507 S32750 1.4401;

ASTM A182 F55 S32760 1.4501 Zeron 100;

2205 F60 S32205;

ASTM A182 F44/S31254/254SMO/1.4547;


F904L N08904 1.4539;




Nickel alloy steel:

Alloy 200 Nickel 200 N02200 2.4066/ASTM B366 WPN;

Alloy 201 Nickel 201 N02201 2.4068/ASTM B366 WPNL;

Alloy 400/Monel 400/NO4400/NS111/2.4360/ASTM B366 WPNC;

Alloy K-500 Monel K-500 N05500 2.4750;

Alloy 600 Inconel 600 N06600 NS333 2.4816;

Alloy 601/Inconel 601/NO6001/2.4851;

Alloy 625 Inconel 625 N06625 NS336 2.4856;

Alloy 718 Inconel 718 N07718 GH169 GH4169 2.4668;

Alloy 800 Incoloy 800 N08800 1.4876;

Alloy 800H Incoloy 800H N08810 1.4958;

Alloy 800HT/Incoloy 800HT/NO8811/1.4959;

Alloy 825/Incoloy 825/NO8825/2.4858/NS142;

Alloy 925/Incoloy 925/NO9925;

Hastelloy C/Alloy C/NO6003/2.4869/NS333;

Alloy C-276/Hastelloy C-276/N10276/2.4819;

Alloy C-4/Hastelloy C-4/NO6455/NS335/2.4610;

Alloy C-22/Hastelloy C-22/NO6022/2.4602;

Alloy C-2000/Hastelloy C-2000/NO6200/2.4675;

Alloy B/Hastelloy B/NS321/N10001;

Alloy B-2/Hastelloy B-2/N10665/NS322/2.4617;

Alloy B-3/Hastelloy B-3/N10675/2.4600;

Alloy X/Hastelloy X/NO6002/2.4665;

Alloy G-30/Hastelloy G-30/NO6030/2.4603;

Alloy X-750/Inconel X-750/NO7750/GH145/2.4669;

Alloy 20/Carpenter 20Cb3/NO8020/NS312/2.4660;

Alloy 31/NO8031/1.4562;

Alloy 901/NO9901/1.4898;

Incoloy 25-6Mo/NO8926/1.4529/Incoloy 926/Alloy 926;

Inconel 783/UNS R30783;

NAS 254NM/N08367;

Monel 30C

Nimonic 80A/Nickel Alloy 80a/UNS N07080/NA20/2.4631/2.4952

Nimonic 263/NO7263

Nimonic 90/UNS NO7090;

Incoloy 907/GH907;

Nitronic 60/Alloy 218/UNS S21800


Packing: Wooden cases, pallets, nylon bags or according to the customers requirements 

MOQ: 1 pcs

Delivery time: 10-100 days depending on quantity 

Payment terms: L/C,T/T 

Shipment: FOB Tianjin/Shanghai, CFR, CIF etc 

Application: Petroleum/Power/Chemical/Construction/Gas/Metallurgy/Shipbuilding etc 

Remarks: We can accept processing wtih supplied drawing and samples.





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