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Duplex Steel A182 F55 Duplex S32760/F44 Duplex 254SMO S31254/F904L N08904 Threaded Pipe Fittings

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Material GradeDuplex steel A182 F55 Duplex S32760 F44 Duplex 254SMO S31254 F904L N08904 Threaded pipe Fittings
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WN(welding-neck);SO(slip-on);PL(Plate);BL(Blind);Th(Threaded);SW(scket-welding);LF/SE(lapped flange/stub end);LWN(long welding neck);Orifice flange;Reducing flange;API flange;Integral/Compact flange;Spectacle blind,Lind spade and spacer,Paddle blind,Paddle spacer;Orifice plate;Pipe plate,Bleed ring,Overlap Flange.
ASME B16.11Forged threaded fittings:90-deg elbow,45-deg elbow,tee,cross,coupling,half-coupling,cap,square head plug,hex head plug,round head plug,hex head bushing,flush bushing,street elbows
ASME B16.11Fogred socket weld fittings:90-deg elbow,45-deg elbow,tee,cross,coupling,half-coupling,cap
MSS SP83Steel Pipe Unions(socket welding and threaded end)
MSS SP95swage nipples,bull plug(ends may be threaded,beveled,plain)
MSS SP79socket welding reducer inserts
MSS SP97weldolets,threadolets,sockolets,flangolets,elbolet,sweepolets,saddle,nipolets,brazolets,latrolets,insertolets

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As one of the leading manufacturers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy our duplex steel a182 f55 duplex s32760/f44 duplex 254smo s31254/f904l n08904 threaded pipe fittings. Our factory also accept the customized orders. Please be free to enjoy our competitive price and excellent service.

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